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RibMania VIII

RibMania VIII:
Friday, June 9 @ 6 PM
Reader Stage @ Lincoln and Berteau

RibMania VIII

Major League Eating and Ribfest Chicago present RibMania VIII on Friday, June 9 at 6 PM in a fresh new challenge on the Reader Stage at Lincoln and Berteau. Who has the guts? Who will take home the glory? Save the date and don’t miss this ultimate food challenge!

RibMania History

The Guys: In 2010, Major League Eating teamed up with Ribfest Chicago to stage the Midwest’s only professional rib-eating competition. The first event featured two local food eating competitors in true Chicago tradition — one from the South Side, Pat “Deep Dish” Bertoletti, and one from the North Side, Tim “Gravy” Brown. Nick-named the “Cross Town Chow Down, Bertoletti would take the trophy in 2010 and again in 2011 with a MLE record of 5.24 lbs in 8 minutes. Tim “Gravy” Brown would finally get his win in 2012, bumping Bertoletti to second place. Pictured below: Tim Brown, winner 2012; Pat Bertoletti, winner 2011 with 5.24 lbs in 8 minutes; and Pat Bertoletti, winner 2010 with 4.26 lbs in 8 minutes.

The Gals: In 2013, RibMaina IV hosted the world’s number one professional eater, Joey Chestnut. While all bets were on Joey to win, Miki Sudo threw down the gauntlet and grabbed the victory chewing through 2.9 lbs of ribs. She returned to the RibMania stage in 2014, and easily defended her title. Like Brown earlier, Michelle Lesco, came in a close second both years. But in 2015, Michelle came hunting for bear. Well, actually she wore a bear suit to prove her grit and determination to win RibMania VI. It must have worked, because she handily capture first with 3.2 lbs of ribs in 8 minutes while Miki took second place. Pictured below: Michelle Lesco, winner 2015 with 3.2 lbs in 8 minutes; Miki Sudo, winner 2014 with 4.8 lbs in 8 minutes and Miki Sudo, winner 2013 with 2.9 lbs in 6 minutes.

A New Challenger Takes the Win in 2016: Six years of RibMania in the books — three years with the guys — Bertoletti and Brown — bringing in first and second place and three years of the gals — Sudo and Lesco — bringing in first and second place. Then in 2016, two new challengers stepped up to the table: Adrain “The Rabbit” Morgan (currently ranked #8)  and Gideon Oji (currently ranked #6). Dubbed “Champions vs. Challengers,” one of the new challengers, Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan, pulled off the win gnawing his way through 2.951 lbs of ribs in 8 minutes.

RibMania VIII Competitors will be announced in late April. In the meantime, take a look back at past competitions.


Contact Information

Location and Hours

  • Lincoln / Irving Park / Damen
  • Friday, June 9, 5-10 PM
  • Saturday, June 10, Noon-10 PM
  • Sunday, June 11, Noon-10 PM
  • $10 ($20 per family) Suggested Donation at the Gate

Your gate donation and proceeds from the event benefit Northcenter philanthropy and community programs. Ribfest Chicago has contributed approximately $350,000 to over fifteen Northcenter schools and nonprofits in an effort to improve education, benefit critical nonprofit work, assist special needs and fight hunger, in addition to funding chamber projects and annual programming.

Sponsored by the Northcenter Chamber of Commerce.